Archepelago Stonehenge Glass Jar Candle

Archepelago Candles

Archepelago Candles

An impressive new entry into the market for men. These scents may soon become your aroma of choice. An overwhelming 71 percent 5 star approval rating on Amazon.  Unique scent — not too strong, but not too subtle.  Burns cleanly for 60 hours.  

Aroma: A unique and fulfilling blend of cedarwood and citrus.

Our Overall Rating: 4.8 stars

Under $25 –        

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The Details

From upscale chandlers Archepelago Botanicals comes a new entry into the Man Candle marketplace, and it’s impressive.

Evoking “rich tones of smoked cedarwood, bergamot and amber,” these manly scents may soon become your Man Cave aroma of choice.

The candle carries an overwhelming 71 percent 5 star approval rating on Amazon. And, it is emerging as a best seller, ranking at #130 in Amazon’s Candles category.

ManCandleReviews tested the candle, burning it three days in a row for 6 hours each day. We found the scent to be unique — not too strong, but not too subtle. It put us in mind of an old growth cedarwood forest.

And there was definitely a hint of bergamot thrown in as well — a slightly tart citrus smell — and the “amber” aroma also came through, though faintly.

Amber is, to quote, a rich blend of “rosin, clove, molasses, pepper, salt, vanilla, orange flower and maple syrup.”

We couldn’t quite make out all those aromas individually, but the overall effect is still worth the modest price of around $20 for a 1-pound candle in a beautiful glass designer jar.

NOTE: We found in our sample that the wax didn’t melt uniformly all the way out to the sides of the glass container. Not a deal-breaker — just a minor distraction from an otherwise strong contender for best candle on the site.

Our Overall Rating: 4.8 stars

Out of Stock? Try This Candle.

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