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Straight from Knoxville, Tennessee.  A unique candle just made for men.  Features the tantalizing aroma of fresh, honey-glazed bacon cooking over an open flame.  Plus a hint of smooth bourbon poured straight up.  

Aroma: A slightly sweet — but not overpowering — vanilla scent, with smoky overtones.

Our Overall Rating: 4.8 stars

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The Details

Straight from Knoxville, Tennessee comes a unique candle just made for men.

Bacon & Bourbon gives off the tantalizing aroma of fresh, honey-glazed bacon cooking over an open flame, plus a hint of smooth bourbon poured straight up.

We know it sounds like a candle from the set of the movie Deliverance — a scent only a backwoods redneck would appreciate. But the appeal of this candle goes well beyond the hollers and back country of rural Tennessee.

Though the company that makes Bacon & Bourbon is small, and just getting started, early reviews are very encouraging, with a 5-star approval rating somewhere over 80 percent. And for good reason.

The candle appears to us to be as advertised, though some say it is a trifle less “manly” and more toward the sweet side of vanilla than true bacon sizzling and smoking over a campfire in the woods.

But its main strength lies in its longevity. Some buyers reported burning it straight through three days and the wax level receded very little. They predicted an eventual burning lifetime of 90 hours or so from the 16 oz jar.

Here are a few benefits as stated by the manufacturer:

  • “Soy Wax is considerably more Eco-friendly than paraffin waxes, and supports American Soy Farmers.
  • “We use 100% cotton wicks, providing a consistent, stable, heavy metal free flame.
  • “Soot Free Burning- Cleaner burn than paraffin-based candles. Soy wax burns without creating soot or smoke unlike other waxes.
  • “We use the finest quality fragrance oils, soy wax and wicks. Each candle is hand poured into a glass jar and individually labeled by hand right here in the USA.
  • “Each candle is made from scratch, by hand, in Knoxville, Tennessee.”
Our Overall Rating: 4.8 stars
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