Diptyque Grey Feu de Bois Handmade Candle-10.2 oz

Diptyque Feu de Bois

Here’s a premium aroma unlike any other.

An elegant, expensive scent is captured in a hand-blown glass container to give your man cave some genuine class.

The aroma has been described as smelling like a wood-burning fireplace, a warm, smoky scent that harkens up a crisp autumn evening.

We agree that this candle’s smell is unique. But worth the $90 price point? We’re not so sure.

Aroma Smoky, warm, classic.

Our Overall Rating: 4.7 stars

Under $95 –        

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The Details

An exceptionally exotic candle in both price and presentation.

Warm and smoky, the aroma put us in mind of a secluded campfire under the stars, with a campfire crackling nearby.

Here’s what Diptyque has to say about this candle:

“The classic Feu de Bois scent comes in a mouth-blown glass, colored during production for a shiny finish that lets you see the candle flame.

“Feu de Bois recalls the warm, familiar, sophisticated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days.”

  • Mouth blown glass
  • Shiny finish
  • Winter scent
Our overall rating: 4.7 stars

Out of Stock? Try This Candle.

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