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Here’s the third in our series of Malin + Goetz unique candles. A whiff of dark bay rum, tempered by overtones of vanilla.   A 79% approval rating in the super competitive Amazon marketplace.  

Aroma: A wonderfully rich blend of bay rum, vanilla and a host of other aromas.

Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

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The Details

Here’s the third in our series of Malin + Goetz unique candles, all the way from Brooklyn, NY to your door via Amazon.

In this candle, we head into the Caribbean for a whiff of dark bay rum, tempered by overtones of vanilla and a medley of other traditional aromas that will enliven any man cave, home or office.

This candle quickly has become a favorite of Amazon reviewers, who award it a 79% approval rating, giving it either four or five stars. Says one reviewer: “Such a wonderful citrus fragrance–not the cheap citrusy smell that burns one’s nose . This one is rich smelling! As if you could eat it.”

We award it two thumbs up and an unqualified five stars.

A Brief Description

Here’s what Malin + Goetz have to say about their creation:

“Our best-selling dark rum candle lights up a room with its warm, exotic aroma. Top notes of bergamot and plum mingle with middle notes of leather and rum, and base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla to create a rich, powerful, lasting scent that completely envelops a space.

“Handmade in Brooklyn, the candle’s natural wax blend has a clean, slow burn that lasts up to 60 hours. Tips from Andrew + Matthew: Our dark rum candle burns beautifully on its own or pairs well with our mojito candle, creating a unique blend of citrus, mint, and the intoxicating notes of rum. Our candles have such a clean burn that the glasses are reusable. We use ours as stylish drinking glasses at home and the office.”

Other features:

  • “Synthesized for a seductive, warm and exotic well-being aroma of traditional bay rum
  • “Suitable for any environment or occasion, dark rum candle instantly creates a modern and inviting ambiance
  • “It perfectly balances the sweet warm notes of rum, with a subtle balanced dry down.
  • “Candle features a blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes.”
Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

Out of Stock? Try This Candle.

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