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Manly Indulgence Candles Last Call

The Details

This is the leading candle in a portfolio of outstanding offerings from Manly Indulgence aimed squarely at the growing market of candles primarily for men.

It’s perfect for guys who are seeking a high-quality, fresh-smelling candle for their den, office or so-called Man Cave.

The scent has been described in a number of ways: fresh, manly, sophisticated. 

For those of us here at ManCandleReviews, we can report that the scent is all of that and more, adding in notes of vanilla, musk, oakmoss and vetiver (in the lemongrass family).

Really, very pleasant. And the aroma penetrates the entire house. We have it burning at the moment in the living room and we can smell it more than 80 feet away in our farthest bedroom.

Last Call comes in a flat black glass jar. 16.5 ounces, with a single wick that, again, throws a generous aroma, fairly filling a house.

The candle burns well — we were afraid its single wick might prove to be inadequate at producing the requisite deep melt pool that allows the unbonded essential oil molecules to fill the air with fragrance, but no worries on that score.

Things we particularly like about this candle:

  • Masculine aroma that isn’t sweet or flowery. Burns cleanly for a very long time.

Aroma summary: A blend of vanilla, musk, oakmoss and vetiver.

Our overall rating: 5.0 stars

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