Manly Indulgence Woodland Escape Candle

Manly Indulgence

Manly Indulgence



A fresh-smelling candle with a wood-burning wick.  Come for the wick. But stay for the pleasant aroma. The scent is fresh, filled with the smell of pine boughs. Generous 16.5 ounces. Burns cleanly for 60 hours. 

Aroma An invigorating pine scent.

Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars
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The Details

They don’t get much better than this fresh-smelling, long-burning candle with a wooden wick.

Come for the unique wood-burning wick. But stay for the pleasant aroma.

One buyer says the candle gives off a strong woodsy smell that permeates his living space while the wood wick crackles enticingly.

Candlemaker Manly Indulgence describes the aroma as a blend of cool mint and Siberian pine. This feeling is borne out by other enthusiastic reviewers, who say that the candle is strongly scented, and burns evenly. “The soft crackling of the wick is perfect.”

Finally, a customer reports that while he originally bought the candle as a gift, he has decided to keep it for himself. “The smell is incredible,” he adds.

We agree. The aroma puts us in mind of a camping trip deep into a pine forest, rising first thing, and stepping out of the tent to inhale the rich pine smell all around us. Invigorating and memorable.

Understated packaging doesn’t dampen the overall value of this strongly scented offering. Their line of super scented candles are all unique and should be well-received as a wedding gift, housewarming present or just as a thoughtful gift of no particular occasion for your best friend.

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Soy blend wax
  • Single wick
  • Hand poured
Our overall rating: 5.0 stars
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