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Another amazing candle from the experienced candlemakers at Manly Indulgence.  Long-burning with a wide scent throw, the scent is jasmine,sandalwood and sugary musk. Like the other MI candles, it’s a great value at 16.5 oz. Burns all the way to the sides of the container for 60 hours — no cratering. 

Aroma Heavy on the musk, with traces of jasmine, and sandalwood.

Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

Under $30 –        

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The Details

This is another exceptional creation from the folks at Manly Indulgence.

While other candlemakers wax eloquent about their more exotic aromas, the MI company is spare in its descriptions.

But it’s easy to ascertain the essential oils used in this one –heavy on the musk, freshly harvested fir branches, and — obscured but recognizable — oak moss.

In fact,  even their packaging is decidedly downbeat. While other chandlers opt for fancy cut glass, the MI candlemakers opt for a utilitarian approach, pouring their scented soy wax into heavy black glass containers.

These don’t get even moderately warm as the flame heats the wax to a molten state. Thus, if you want to move the lit candle someplace new, you can easily pick it up and do so.

We give 5 O’Clock Shadow our highest rating and pass along a top recommendation to you.

  • 16.5 oz
  • Poured in the USA
  • Comes in a brown jaycorner inner box
Our overall rating: 5.0 stars

Out of Stock? Try This Candle.

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