Manly Indulgence Winters Edge Scented Candle

– Manly Indulgence Candles Winter’s Edge –

Manly Indulgence Candles Winter's Edge

Visions of a crackling fire in a mountain cabin.  Bergamot, lemon, sage and rustic oak all swirl together in the melting wax.  One can definitely smell the lemon. And, spicy sage is unmistakable.  “Old oak” is also there – fresh-sawn logs, stacked high in the winter sun.

AromaLemon, bergamot, sage and old oak.

Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

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The Details

This outstanding candle brings visions of lying in front of a crackling fire in a mountain cabin deep in the woods of Colorado — with light snow falling outside…

The Manly Indulgence marketing team may once again need forgiveness for waxing eloquent about one more candle in its excellent line of products.

The marketing folks’ claim of bergamot, lemon, sage and rustic oak all swirling together in the melting wax of this candle is, we suppose, technically true. For example, one can definitely smell the lemon. And, similarly, that hint of spicy sage is unmistakable. But “rustic oak” left us scratching our heads, and puzzled to associate a real-world smell with the aroma coming from the brightly lit candle on our table.

In the same vein, we had to look up bergamot, as we haven’t eaten one lately (or, ever, in fact). Bergamot is an exotic, lemon-lime type of fruit grown primarily along the west coast of Italy. So now you know.  And when you buy this long-burning candle, you can transport yourself to a cool autumn evening in Italy, somewhere along the Cote d’Ivoire. You’re having a superb meal on the terrace of a five-star villa, and there is one of these candles burning in the center of the table.

All right, now we are the ones waxing eloquent. Excellent candles just have that effect on us.

  • Soy blend wax
  • Size: 16 oz
  • Single wick
  • Hand poured
Our overall rating: 5.0 stars
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