Trapp Signature Home Collection No. 20 Water

Trapp No. 20 Water Scented Candle

 In creating its No. 20, “Water,” the Trapp candlemakers have combined the best of two worlds by making this little candle throw an aroma that is at once fresh, yet soft — manly, but with subtle hints of something like the pikake blossoms that make up a premium Hawaiian lei.

Aroma A strong, yet subtle aroma, fresh and faintly floral.

Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

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The Details

Pikake is an evergreen climbing jasmine of Asia long cultivated for its profuse fragrant white flowers. When we lived on Oahu many years ago, we bought these wonderful leis from a Honolulu street vendor. They lasted for days.

Anyway, for those folks who haven’t been to Hawaii, this power-packed seven-ounce candle will transport you — and your significant other — to the Islands when you light it up.

We give this candle an unqualified five stars.

Notes from the candlemaker:

“The ozonic, watery notes are unlike anything you have ever experienced. This sophisticated, clean fragrance will astound you with its fresh and energizing spirit.”

  • Fragrance Notes: Ozonic Aqueous Notes; Slight Hint of Floral
  • Burns for approximately 50 hours
  • Available in a variety of other fragrances
Our Overall Rating: 5.0 stars

Out of Stock? Try This Candle.