Who Makes Those Wonderful Manly Indulgence Candles?

If you’re reading this post, we know why.

You’re one of nearly 2,400 people every month with a question about Manly Indulgence candles.

  • Who makes Manly Indulgence candles?
  • Where can I find the Manly Indulgence website?
  • Where can I buy Manly Indulgence candles?
  • Or, perhaps you’ve just typed in the name of one of their candles, trying to find them online.

In any event, Google is sending many of you here — to ManCandleReviews — for objective answers. And for that we’re grateful.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide good recommendations for you about these fine premium candles.

In this post, we’re going to give a brief overview of the nine Manly Indulgence candles we’ve reviewed so far on this site, with notes also on what we liked and what could be improved. But first, a side note in an effort to answer the three questions above.

Who makes Manly Indulgence candles?

Believe it or not, whoever is making and distributing these great candles has a serious aversion to publicity.

We have been trying for some time to pull back the veil that currently cloaks their identity. We want to know — like you — exactly who pours these candles and gets them ready for distribution.

And what about the names like Last Call and Five O’Clock Shadow? What was the inspiration behind those intriguing names? And how do they go about deciding what essential oils to put into each candle’s pour to make them stand apart from other candles?

This sort of thing is, after all, more art than science, as anyone who has done it will tell you. We’re as curious about these details as you are.

Piercing the veil

So far, we’ve determined that Manly Indulgence candles are being poured and distributed by a company called MVP International in Charleston, South Carolina. We got that much off the bottom label of our jar of Last Call.

The United States of Amazon

The candles themselves have historically been made available to buyers online at ColonialCandles.com at a huge discount — Colonial Candles is also a division of MVP Intl.

And, Amazon also stocks them through a handful of independent resellers. These are folks — typically only one or two people — who have made an arrangement, we suppose, with MVP International to buy the candles wholesale.

Then they give their inventory to Amazon, which stocks them in one of Amazon’s 100+ distribution warehouses in the U.S. alone.

That way, when you order a candle, they can pretty much guarantee you’ll have it in your hands within two business days — sometimes sooner — if you’re a member of Amazon’s ingenious Prime program.

Manly Indulgence comes into the limelight

A search for their website lately sends you to this page, which features an impressive inventory of MI candles, old and new.

Given M.I.’s historic reluctance for publicity, this new website is a welcome shift in marketing efforts, designed ostensibly to give MI fans direct access to their candles.

Each one on the site is favorably priced as well, at a flat $15, so that whether you live in Florida or Washington state, you’ll still pay only a total of  $20 or less for delivery of your favorite scent to your doorway.

Smart. This balances the competitive edge held so long by megagiant retailer Amazon, which promises free 2 day shipping via their popular Prime program.

If they can indeed aggregate all the M.I. candles in one place, at the best price, that will certainly provide a needed service.

Nine great MI candles

Here are nine excellent Manly Indulgence candles for your consideration. We’ve given each one a thorough test and can speak about just how good they are with first-hand conviction. But they’re not without a few things that could be improved upon, as we note at the end of all reviews.

No. 1 Manly Indulgence Last Call Scented Glass Candle

Manly Indulgence Last Call

This candle is among the best we’ve tested. It’s triple scented for a wide throw, so we could smell the distinctive aroma 50 feet away. Masculine aroma that isn’t sweet or flowery. Burns cleanly for a very long time. 

Perfect for guys who are seeking a high-quality, fresh-smelling candle for their den, office or so-called Man Cave.

The scent has been described in a number of ways: fresh, manly, sophisticated. 

For those of us here at ManCandleReviews, we can report that the scent is all of that and more.

Really, very pleasant. And the aroma penetrates well beyond our testing lab. In fact, we can smell it more than 80 feet away in the farthest room.

Last Call comes in a flat black jar. 16.5 ounces, with a single wick that, again, throws a generous aroma, fairly filling a house.

The candle burns well — we were afraid its single wick might prove to be inadequate at producing the requisite deep melt pool that allows the unbonded essential oil molecules to fill the air with fragrance, but no worries on that score.

Things we liked

  • A wide scent throw — well beyond the room in which it was burning
  • Its utilitarian container never gets hot to the touch

Things that could be improved

  • A few buyers reported problems in shipping, such as a dented container
  • Some folks thought the scent could be stronger

No. 2  Manly Indulgence Warm Beachwood Man Candle

Looking for a clean-burning soy blend candle that also smells great? Look no farther. You’ll love the wonderful notes of patchouli, pomegranate and Moroccan spices. Add to this a unique wide wooden wick that allows the candle to burn evenly and bright all the way to the bottom of its generous 16.5 ounce container and you’ve got a real winner.

It’s another great creation from the folks at Manly Indulgence.

It’s a bit of an unknown product, however. While other MI candles have captured the aromatic spotlight, this candle has been sleeping quietly but potently, awaiting its chance.

Its packaging is a little brighter than other MI candles.  All the better to stand out from the common herd.

As stated earlier, strong overtones of pomegranate dominate in this long-burning, aromatic candle. That’s followed closely by the much better-known patchouli scent.

Add to this the unexpected — yet subtle — hints of Arabian spices and you have the makings for a memorable candle experience.

We award Warm Beachwood a full five stars for amazing aroma and unique wood wick.

Things we liked

  • A clean burn, all the way to the bottom
  • The unique wide wooden wick put us in mind of a campfire

Things that could be improved

  • Though we thought it is reasonably priced, some thought it should cost less

No. 3 Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow Candle

Manly Indulgence Candles

Another amazing candle from the experienced candlemakers at Manly Indulgence.  Long-burning with a wide scent throw, the scent is musk, fresh fir and oakmoss. Like the other MI candles, it’s a great value at 16.5 oz. Burns all the way to the sides of the container for 60 hours — no cratering.

While other candlemakers wax eloquent about their more exotic aromas, the MI company is spare in its descriptions.

But it’s easy to ascertain the essential oils used in this one –heavy on the musk, freshly harvested fir branches, and — obscured but recognizable — oak moss.

In fact,  even their packaging is decidedly downbeat. While other chandlers opt for fancy cut glass, the MI candlemakers opt for a utilitarian approach, pouring their scented soy wax into heavy black glass containers.

These don’t get even moderately warm as the flame heats the wax to a molten state. Thus, if you want to move the lit candle someplace new, you can easily pick it up and do so.

We give 5 O’Clock Shadow our highest rating and pass along a top recommendation to you.

  • 16.5 oz
  • Poured in the USA
  • Comes in a brown jaycorner inner box
  • Things we liked
    • Particularly liked the strong musk in the aroma
    • Burned a full 35 evenings (about 60 hours)

    Things that could be improved

    • Some buyers felt the aroma was “too manly”

No. 4 Manly Indulgence Black Pine & Oak Moss Candle

This candle gets high marks from those of us here at ManCandleReviews.  The scent throw is spectacular, filling our entire home-based lab with hints primarily of peppermint and vanilla.  This candle, like the other MI scents, burns a very long time.  

There’s no need to trim the wick on this generously poured candle.  It’s self-adjusting, keeping its steady flame just above the molten sea of aromatic wax that surrounds it.

The scent throw is amazing, filling the testing lab with, as they say below, hints of peppermint, vanilla and gourmand (exactly what IS gourmand? We had to look it up. It actually means a connoisseur of fine food — and by extension, we suppose, of fine candles.)

Anyway, the candlemakers can perhaps be forgiven for trying to wax eloquent about their outstanding creation. It really is a fine candle, no matter what it evokes in terms of associated aromas.

Two thumbs up from those of us here at ManCandleReviews. This entry deserves the high rating it receives from Amazon customers.

  • Hints of peppermint, vanilla and gourmand
  • Soy blend wax
  • Size: 16 oz
  • Single wick
  • Hand poured
  • Things we liked
    • No need to trim the wick — it adjusts itself
    • The scent radius extends well beyond the room in which it’s burning

    Things that could be improved

    • Some buyers felt the price was too high

No. 5 Manly Indulgence Woodland Escape Candle

Manly Indulgence

A fresh-smelling candle with a wood-burning wick.  Come for the wick. But stay for the pleasant aroma. The scent is fresh, filled with the smell of pine boughs. Generous 16.5 ounces. Burns cleanly for 60 hours. 

The candle gives off a strong woodsy smell that permeates your living space while the wood wick crackles enticingly.

Candlemaker Manly Indulgence describes the aroma as a blend of cool mint and Siberian pine. This feeling is borne out by other enthusiastic reviewers, who say that the candle is strongly scented, and burns evenly. “The soft crackling of the wick is perfect.”

Finally, a customer reports that while he originally bought the candle as a gift, he has decided to keep it for himself. “The smell is incredible,” he adds.

We agree. The aroma puts us in mind of a camping trip deep into a pine forest, rising first thing, and stepping out of the tent to inhale the rich pine smell all around us. Invigorating and memorable.

Understated packaging doesn’t dampen the overall value of this strongly scented offering. Their line of super scented candles are all unique and should be well-received as a wedding gift, housewarming present or just as a thoughtful gift of no particular occasion for your best friend.

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Soy blend wax
  • Single wick
  • Hand poured

Things we liked

  • Particularly liked the wood wick, which crackles as it burns
  • A fresh, invigorating aroma

Things that could be improved

  • One buyer reported receiving a damaged container

No. 6 Manly Indulgence Fresh Shave Jar Candle

Manly Indulgence Candles

This is one of the better aromas formulated by Manly Indulgence. Manly, yet not overpowering, they burn cleanly and last a very long time.  It features pure soy wax, is hand-poured, and weighs in at 16.5 ounces. The scent throw is outstanding on this candle.

If you like the way you smell right after shaving, this is the candle for you.

It’s one of the better aromas formulated by Manly Indulgence. 

Soy-based and aromatic, these candles will send exotic aromas throughout your home, office or Man Cave.

Described by many as manly, yet not overpowering, they burn cleanly and last a very long time. Visitors arriving at your front door will likely remark on the pungent aroma — so different from competing brands that claim to be triple-scented but barely throw a scent more than ten feet from the burning wick.

In addition, one customer review raves about the candle’s peculiar ability to counteract cigar smoke. And another compared the aroma to frozen shave cream.

Who freezes shave cream, we wonder?

Suffice to say you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Fresh masculine scent
  • Single lead-free wick
  • 16.5 ounces (468 g)
  • Poured in the USA

Things we liked

  • Pure soy wax assures a clean burn all the way to the bottom
  • Delivers great value at 16.5 ounces

Things that could be improved

  • Some buyers said the wick “smokes too much” after blowing it out

No. 7 Manly Indulgence Winters Edge Scented Candle

Manly Indulgence Candles Winter's Edge

Visions of a crackling fire in a mountain cabin.  Bergamot, lemon, sage and rustic oak all swirl together in the melting wax.  One can definitely smell the lemon. And, spicy sage is unmistakable.  “Old oak” is also there – fresh-sawn logs, stacked high in the winter sun.

This outstanding candle brings visions of lying in front of a crackling fire in a mountain cabin deep in the woods of Colorado — with light snow falling outside.

We had a little trouble distinguishing all the aromas claimed by the candlemaker. Foe example, “bergamot” left us scratching our heads for a real-world aroma comparison. And “old oak” was also a puzzler.

But all in all, a very rewarding candle experience.

  • Soy blend wax
  • Size: 16 oz
  • Single wick
  • Hand poured

Things we liked

  • Once again, the wood wick, which crackles as it burns, is pleasant

Things that could be improved

  • Some of the scent claims seemed a bit of a stretch

No. 8 Manly Indulgence Ivy League Scent Candle – 1 Wick – 16.5 Oz.

If you haven’t tried Ivy League, you’re missing out on an aromatic experience.

Amazon buyers report that the scent throw is terrific, reaching every corner of the room in which it’s burning.

They also characterize the aroma as “manly,” and even “sexy.”

Either way, it’s a winner. Soy based. Burns 50 hours or so.

Its Amazon approval rating is a robust 76 percent 4- and 5-stars.

This is also one of M.I.’s newer candles, sporting a streamlined logo and label.

Our thoughts on it: Considering that it only has one wick, this candle nevertheless creates a healthy melt pool, releasing the trapped molecules of essential oil and sending its fragrant aroma all over our home office and beyond.

If you only have enough money to spend on one candle, this should probably be it.

  • Notes of oakmoss, vetiver and musk. 
  • A soy wax blend.
  • 79% Amazon approval rating – 4.5 stars

Things we liked

  • Particularly liked the incredible scent throw
  • Burned cleanly for more than 50 hours

Things that could be improved

  • There apparently have been a few shipping errors on this candle. One buyer reported receiving the wrong candle twice

No. 9 Manly Indulgence Black Tuxedo Scented 16.5 Oz Candle

An unusual candle with a name to match, it harkens up a gala black tie dinner and lots of class.

The aroma is sophisticated and not flowery in the least. And, like all MI scents, very strong.

Amazon customers are equally enthusiastic about this scent, calling it great for men and women alike.

With a very strong customer approval rating of 4.6 stars, this is a favorite of many.

We thought the candle might be just a tad too sweet for many men who would rather have their man caves exude a more “manly” scent.

But on balance, it more than holds its own when it comes to filling a room with aroma.

  •  Clean scent, with distinct cologne and aftershave notes.
  • A clean-burning, long-lasting candle.
  • 81% Amazon approval rating – 4.6 stars

Things we liked

  • Smells clean, as advertised
  • Burns a very long time

Things that could be improved

  • The aroma is a bit on the sweet side